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Here's a quick project to initiate yourself to knitted fabrics. The mini skirt is very easy to make and has only 4 pages!

To make this skirt, you will need some 4-way knit with spandex, which means that the knit must stretch lengthwise and crosswise. The waistband is stabilized with a soft knitted elastic. Don't forget to have to hand a stretch needle, textured thread and step up the game with a double needle to hem the bottom of the skirt.

If you never used the double needle or had issues with it in the past, I have two tips for you:

  • Wind an extra bobbin with all-purpose thread. This bobbin will be used to thread the second needle. To avoid both threads to get tangled, place the spool and bobbin so that they unwind in opposite directions.

  • When reaching seams, help yourself and your machine with a hump jumper. There are tools already on the market to stitch over thick seams, but if you don't have one, find a thick material (here I used some elastic) and fold it several times so as it's about 3mm (⅛"). When you reach a seam, lift the foot and place this tool behind the needle to lift slightly the foot. Make a few stitches and replace the tool. Repeat until you past completely over the seam and remove the tool.

To download the pattern, click here.

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