How to add sizes to a multi-sized pattern

How to add sizes to a multi-sized pattern

Each designer, in the ready-to-wear or sewing pattern industry, has a specific target they design for. Age and lifestyle are largely influencing the designs, fit and grading. However, if the proposed sizes are not suitable for you, you can easily add the sizes yourself. This demonstration will show you how you can do it in no time using a multi-sized pattern.

Have your multi-sized pattern, a ruler and a pen to hand. Then, place the ruler against the pattern in order to connect the two last sizes on one corner of a pattern piece.

Draw a line extending to the outside and repeat this step on all the pattern pieces corners and markings.

Then, measure along the lines the distance between the two sizes and report this measurement on the extended part of the line. Be sure to do this on all the pattern corners and markings. If needed, multiply the measurements to add more than one size.

Finally, draw the new outline using the reported measurements on the extended lines.

When drawing curved edges, use the existing lines as a guide to create a cohesive curve.

Once finished, be sure to test your new pattern first. Get familiar with the designer standard for height and bust cups and adjust if needed to preserve the proportions of the garment.


  • Thanks. You just simplified what I have been trying to do for my daughter’s dress.

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