What is a PDF or digital sewing pattern?

A PDF or digital pattern means that you must download the pattern and print it yourself on a regular printer. You won't receive a paper copy! However, our PDF patterns include everything needed to construct the garment like a traditional paper pattern.

Don't forget to have adobe acrobat installed on your computer so you can open PDF files. If you don't have it, you can get it for free at https://get.adobe.com/reader/.

You do not need any special printer, the pattern is divided into rectangles that fit inside a Letter/A4 sized paper. There are markers and a small scale of the pattern board to help you assemble the rectangles together in the right order.

Can I request a custom-made pattern?

Unfortunately, we do not carry custom orders.

I have access to a plotter, can I have my patterns in an A0 format?

Yes. The A0 format is getting more and more popular! This is why we are now offering our patterns in both A4 and A0 format. If the patterns you're purchased don't include the A0 format, be sure to contact us with your order number and we will send you the files as quick as possible.

Note that the A0 is 841mm wide, so if you require another width, be sure to indicate the measure in your request email.

How can I download my pattern?

Once your payment is complete, you will be provided a download link via mail. With this email, you will have unlimited access to your file. It's also possible to create an account on our website. With this account, you will also have access to your files. To do so, be sure to log in before you place your order.

If you did not receive the download links yet, first, be sure to check your "SPAM" folder. If the email isn't in there, please contact us and provide your name, as entered in the order. It's possible that your email address was misspelled or not properly entered, so we will need to update this info.

I can't open my files, help!

When something is wrong with your files, they are most likely corrupted, so be sure to delete and download again.

TABLET AND SMARTPHONE USERS: some of our patterns must be compressed into a .zip file. To extract them, you will need to download an app. Apps like AndroZip or RAR are free and easy to use. Otherwise, you will need to download your files on a computer.

If none of the above are working, please contact us with your order number so wan can send you your files.

I live outside of Canada, can I purchase on your website?

Yes, the website is open to everyone. However, please note that we only process the payments in CAD. If you wish to convert into other currencies, we recommend www.xe.com. Our patterns are also on the Makerist platform, where you can purchase in USD at www.makerist.com, and in EUR, at makerist.fr or on the French website Oh My Pattern. Note that our promo codes can't be used on the other websites, and sales run independently.

No matter where you buy our patterns, they always come in both English and French.