Become a tester

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team of pattern testers. Here's all that you need to know about the program.

In the first place, please note that pattern testing does not involve any money transactions. Participants receive the initial pattern for free and if the test is conducted until the end, the final pattern as well.

Once part of the team, the testers will start to receive mail regarding the proposed tests, including a brief description of the garment, a photo of the sample, all the material and trims needed, the difficulty level and deadlines.

No style is imposed, every participant can choose which pattern they want to test.

Along with the initial pattern, we provide testers with a form to fill out. This form is used to provide comments and can be copied directly into an email or in a separate document.

The testing period lasts usually from 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the style. This means that participants need to provide their comments and pictures by the mentioned date.

We always test our patterns first, but it happens sometimes that the pattern needs further corrections. For that reason, we always recommend that the testers sew a muslin first in a cheaper fabric, or baste fit to check if any corrections are needed.

Our patterns are adjusted according to a standard height and testers outside of this standard must lengthen or shorten the garment to make sure that the proportions are preserved.

It’s important that testers follow the instructions step-by-step and do not alter the style of the garment. Once the testing period over, the final copy will be given to the participants and only then they will be able to modify the style as desired.

To help with the adjustments, the tester must provide clear untouched photographs (#nofilter) of the garment. Photographs must be clear, well framed and in a decent resolution.

The final garment must also be pictured on a live model, front and back view, to promote the pattern in our store and on social media.

We will be using the testers presentation pictures to show the final results and we will include credits for each picture. Watermarks are accepted only if they are discreet.

Finally, as we will be working with new styles, we kindly ask testers to share pictures and/or blog articles only once the style is in store!

That is all! To join our group of pattern tester, just write us an email with a short bio and your blog or social media accounts, if you have any. We welcome all levels, from beginners to experts!